Offshore Development

Offshore development – What does it mean to you?

Innovative IT Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer the services of our Offshore Development Center (ODC).  What offshore development offers is a virtual team of talented software architects/programmers who will remotely work with you on your project requirements and business needs.  Our ODC team of professionals understands the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and can provide to you a variety of services in all phases.

Our team will work directly with you to determine your exact project requirements and tailor match the best offshore development software engineers to your specific projects. Our offshore development professionals are trained on the latest technologies in order to allow us to assist you in meeting your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

How does our offshore development center work?
The professionals in our offshore development team will be precisely matched to your specific project requirements. The offshore technical resources teams’ work will be fully transparent to you, yet you will have easy access to the team and complete control over them.
Advantages of offshore development
  • Total project cost reduction of up to 50% or more
  • Because of our software engineers’ specific technical expertise, your projects will be completed faster saving you time and money
  • Time zone advantages will ensure efficient and timely completion of your projects
  • Complete control over the offshore project team and seamless communication with team members
  • Quality project team with rich domain insight
  • Focus directly on your core business processes and outsource all other areas to our established offshore development center
  • Increased productivity beginning with the initial domain knowledge transfer

Innovative IT Solutions, Inc. team of professionals are available to help you determine the best approach to your particular project outsourcing needs.  Please contact us for more information.